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Lunch and Learn Strategy Session with Productivity People

Strategy Session

A Strategy Session will feature as the next Lunch and Learn session organised by the Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce. Geerten Lengkeek, director of Productivity People will present on strategy and will demonstrate you how to build a business case for your own organisation. His talk will draw on the Hedgehog Concept that was first described by business researcher and consultant Jim Collins in his influential book “Good to Great”.

Everyone is in business with the same idea: that you can do something you enjoy and excel in, and that you can profitably sell this product or service! A good business strategy will ensure you get all three right and you can build a great business that lasts.

Geerten is an engaging speaker who is sure to include a few entertaining anecdotes drawn from his rich experience as business consultant. You will learn that a strategy session is not as hard as it sounds; we’ll tell you some strategy myths, you’ll learn some tools and a process to get your whole business involved.

Geerten Lengkeek is the Managing Director of Productivity People and Co-founder of the Global Lean Alliance