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Are you Ready to Achieve Industry-Leading Performance?

Industry leading performance

Adopting our recently launched Productivity Growth Programme will help your organisation achieve Industry-leading performance. It not only enables organisations to reduce their operational cost significantly, but the new standardised approach results in greater transparency and direction, providing business owners insight in which improvements will generate a return on investment, rather than relying on expert advice in this matter. Combined with a new delivery method that reflects a post Covid-19 consulting model with How-To Guides, templates, remote sessions and site visits, ensuring that the overall programme has a significant positive impact on the bottom line.

The Productivity Growth Programme has three key phases: Ready? Set? Go!

Ready?         – An analysis of the current state of your company –

Business Analysis

The first step in our engagement is to understand your business: Its size, scale, products, and markets. Based on this understanding, we recommend which of our 24 best practices from our Productivity Growth assessment tool, are relevant to your company. We then work through a separate assessment process with you to define the maturity of your company in each of the relevant practices. We recognise four stages of development, Pre-Stabilisation, Stabilise, Improve, and Excel. In testing we found that clients could identify their maturity stage in as little as 5 seconds, and an entire assessment takes less than an hour. This means that you have a full business productivity analysis within the hour.

Set?              – A step by step plan with prioritised improvements  –

Implementation Plan

The practice maturity model identifies current areas of high practice maturity as well as practices that are underdeveloped, and with that gap-analysis an improvement plan can be developed. The Productivity Growth assessment tool has an inbuilt algorithm that recommends a sequence of improvement activities. Based on this recommendation, we will work with you to confirm which best practices will have the biggest impacts on achieving your business priorities whilst ensuring that all the gains are locked in through effective change leadership. The output is a clear implementation plan with milestones together with an understanding of the resources required.

Go!                 – The actual implementation and realisation of benefits –

Achieve Industry-leading performance

The transformation of your business towards industry-leading performance starts with our How-To Guides. These guides explain in plain English:

  • Why the best practice is relevant?
  • What is required to implement it?
  • How to work through the implementation in logical steps?

The How-To Guides are succinct documents with visual examples of the practice implemented in real life businesses. Each How-To Guide includes facilitator notes to provide guidance on how best to implement a best practice as well as pitfalls to avoid. The How-To Guides are supported by a series of ready to use templates. These templates are customisable for your companies branding to be added if you would choose to do so.

The programme has been approved for funding by the Regional Business Partner Network.

So are you ready to achieve industry-leading performance? We are offering a 20% discount to any company that signs up to the Productivity Growth Programme by the 7th August 2020.

Want to know more?

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About the author: Geerten Lengkeek is the Managing Director of Productivity People and Co-founder of the Global Lean Alliance