Climate Action

Climate Impact Analysis

Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue, it’s something that impacts your business success and reputation. Taking steps to reduce your climate impact will make your business more efficient, more resilient, and better performing.

When taking climate action, it can be confusing to know where and how to start, as your total carbon footprint is made up of many components. This inability to understand how to address the issue often leads to delay and deferral.

PPL can assist with a Climate Impact Analysis, and we will work with you to assess key areas where your business can reduce its carbon footprint, using a proven methodology with a New Zealand focus.

The assessment will firstly address what areas are most relevant for your organisation to address. Secondly, an estimate will be made of potential savings utilising a process of loss and waste analysis.


Having identified key improvement opportunities, Productivity People will work with you to systematically reduce your carbon footprint by minimising usage of energy, water, and other resources.

A transformation to a more sustainable business model will unlock untapped capacity whilst using the same resources, thus resulting in better outcomes for the environment as well as your business performance.

Our consultants will engage with your team to implement these climate impact reductions. This ensures that your organisation owns the transformation and will continue to reduce your impact well beyond our engagement. This involvement will create an ownership that will improve staff engagement levels and staff morale, as people are at the centre of the sustainable business transformation.

Some examples of recent climate impact reductions achieved with our clients include:

  • Adjustment and recalibration of equipment settings reduced product waste stream by around 20%.
  • Introduction and adherence to Standard Work resulted in improved product quality and reduced material losses.
  • Reduction in machine downtime enabled a facility to postpone a planned extension as the current equipment was now able to keep up with demand.
  • Introduction of a Daily Meeting Structure combined with Structured Problem Solving, reduced unproductive running of equipment and therefore significantly reduced energy consumption.

Other client achievements are recorded in our client case studies

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