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The team at Productivity People have been relentless in their support for Patchell Group, from the shop floor to the board room, while we progress our business to industry leading performance

Brent Whibley, CEO of Patchell Group

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Contact Geerten Lengkeek

027 569 9001

Geerten helps manufacturing and supply chain companies achieve breakthrough performance in their operations.The resulting benefits include sustained competitiveness in cost, customer service and quality… Read more

Contact Liddy Bakker

027 569 9022

Liddy has a natural ability for strategic thinking and easily sees connections and opportunities. Her natural ability for lateral thinking helps organisations excel through the adaption & implementation of innovative concepts. Read more

Contact Nick Brownsword

027 240 6819

Nick has an extensive background as a productivity consultant in manufacturing and other operational settings. Nick’s strategic understanding and direct approach enable him to gain buy in at a Leadership level…  Read more

Contact Adrian Tighe

021 246 9809

Adrian has an impressive background in leadership, training and Lean principles. Over the past two decades, Adrian has shared these insights and experience to help improve organisations around the globe, including Toyota, Fonterra, Westland Milk Products, Patchells Group… Read more

Contact Kristian Miles

021 723 623

Kristian possesses a proven ability to analyse processes and think strategically. He is a highly competent problem solver and has an impressive background in Business Process Improvement at OPAC kiwifruit, Patchell Group, Restaurant Brands and Downer. Read more

Contact Jolene Lawlor

0800 776 737

Jolene is the person who makes it all happen behind the scene at Productivity People. She has a rich and extensive experience in a wide range of office administrative roles, including financial, legal and business administrative tasks.Read more