4 rules of productivity to redesign your business for maximum productivity
If you want to redesign work for maximum productivity, these are the only 4 rules you need to follow
May 25, 2020
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Celebrate the spirit of #8 wire, but let the practice die
June 23, 2020
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Nick Brownsword on the benefit of Lean Practices

Nick implements Lean at Client

Do you want to know how Lean Practices or Continuous Improvement Practices can Improve your Productivity?

Lean Practices are explained by Nick Brownsword in his Webinar at CEDA, the Central Economic Development Agency. In this webinar Nick systematically describes the several Lean Practices including Standard Work, Visual Management, 5S and Daily Meetings. Nick provides clear examples that can be implemented in any business and are guaranteed to provide tangible benefits.

Nick Brownsword is a senior consultant at Productivity People and started implementing Lean/Continuous Improvement in the UK at Unilever in their food manufacturing businesses. He has visited Japan to see best Lean Manufacturing. Nick has been providing Lean consulting support to businesses across New Zealand since he immigrated in 1997.

Nick enjoys working in an array of industries, ranging from food industry to fertiliser and from pharmaceutical productions to boat building. His client relationships typically last several years, which enables him to observe a business maturity growth that is associated with sustained cost savings.