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Nigel Beasley

Nigel has a solid business, finance, and human resources background with experience at Arthur Andersen and Michael Page in the UK. He has over three decades of experience in developing and growing professional service companies and has led several businesses through periods of rapid growth. Nigel is eager to do the same for Productivity People.

Nigel is a people person. He loves interacting with individuals and always seems to find a connection, be it a shared interest, an overlap in work history, or a similar holiday destination. He enjoys understanding businesses and is always seeking ways for them to improve for the benefit of their customers and employees,

Nigel believes in a collaborative leadership style focusing on building strong relationships and trust among team members and stakeholders leading to solutions that benefit everyone.

Nigel arrived in New Zealand in 2002 and moving to New Zealand has been a very positive move both professionally and personally. He is excited to bring his experience to help Productivity People grow and enhance the productive capability of New Zealand.

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