Workshops run by Productivity People

Training is a vital strategic tool for employers in the retention of valuable staff, developing their competitive advantage, and long-term business sustainability.

Productivity People offers a range of practical, experiential courses aimed at inspiring and engaging participants, helping them gain insights into how they can optimize processes, improve their workplace, and boost productivity.


The Aeroplane Game©

4 hours

The Aeroplane Game is a business simulation that offers an engaging and interactive approach to learning Lean practices. The simulation consists of multiple production rounds that measure productivity and calculate profits.

At the start of the simulation, the team is presented with a scenario that mirrors the chaos often experienced in real businesses. The facilitator guides the team in identifying issues and assists them in developing and implementing improvement ideas.

As the simulation progresses, participants are challenged to solve various obstacles using Lean principles and techniques, which focus on improving processes and flow. Through the application of Lean practices, the simulation showcases how optimized processes and production flow can lead to significant and measurable increases in productivity.


The Beer Game

4 hours

The Beer Game is a supply chain business simulation that demonstrates how fluctuations in demand amplify as they move up the supply chain.

The simulation monitors the inventory fluctuations over time and based on retail orders and demonstrates how information that is transmitted up the supply chain can be distorted or inaccurate, leading to incorrect production and inventory decisions.

Team members take on the role of customers, retailers, wholesalers, distributer, or the production facility. They must place orders based on perceived consumer demand and deal with stockouts as well as excess inventory.

Participants learn to implement several strategies to smooth out demand patterns and reduce unnecessary fluctuations in the supply chain.

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Set up Time Reduction

4 hours

Set-up Time Reduction (SUTR) or Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is a Lean practice aimed at reducing the time required to set up or change over a production or manufacturing process from one product or task to another.

This hands-on workshop uses a SUTR kit that enables participants to experiment various ways to reduce their set up time.

The facilitator takes the participants through the concepts of separating internal and external set-up tasks, as well as converting internal set-up tasks to external ones.

The next step is to streamline the set-up process by standardizing set-up procedures, eliminating redundant or unnecessary tasks, and using visual management techniques to improve communication and coordination.

KEY CONCEPTS: Waste Elimination; Teamwork; 5S; Standard Work; Continuous Improvement & Visual Management.

KEY CONCEPTS: Bullwhip Effect, Lead Time Variability, forecasting inaccuracies, Stockouts & demand-driven replenishment.

KEY CONCEPTS: Lead time reduction, enhanced production flexibility, internal & External set-up tasks.


Workplace Organisation

1 day

The 5S implementation workshop is an on-site workshop where participants are taken through the five key steps of 5S while at the same time organising their own workplace.

At first, unnecessary items are removed after which everything is given a designated place and is arranged in a logical and efficient manner. The third step is to shine or clean the workplace.

Once the workplace is sorted, organized, and cleaned, the next step is to standardize the 5S practices to sustain the new standard and an audit or inspection routine is established to ensure consistency and accountability.

The value of this workshop is not only the learning aspect, but the tangible result of a safe, organized, and efficient workplace.

cartoon of 5 steps of problems solving

Structured problem Solving (SPS)

1 day

Introduction to Structured Problem Solving (SPS) is a systematic and data-driven approach that helps teams identify and investigate problems in a disciplined and effective manner. The facilitator encourages participants to work on company specific current problems.

The workshop is aimed at people who want to get experience and participate in On-the Event problem solving. Teams will be guided through the 5 steps of DMAIC, using various techniques to define, measure, and analyse the problem, including 5W1H, Fishbone diagrams, Pareto charts and 5WHY.

This workshop can be followed up with several one-on-one coaching sessions guiding the evaluation of possible solutions, as well as selection and implementation.

Value Stream Mapping &
Process Mapping

0.5 - 1 day

The Process Mapping or Value Stream Mapping (VSM) workshop is for any team that wants to streamline their processes. You will benefit from this workshop if your organisation spends time chasing payroll errors, following up on purchase orders, etc. Or, if you must move our product from one area to another to complete production, e.g., fabrication, to painting, to assembly, etc.

These workshops are on-site and focus on a pre-arranged part of the process or material flow. Our facilitator guides your through a structed method and use post-it notes to visualise and document the flow of value in a process or value stream.

You will walk away with a process map that provides a clear picture of the agreed current state and desired future state.

KEY CONCEPTS: Continuous Improvement Culture, employee engagement, waste reduction, Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise & Sustain.

KEY CONCEPTS: DMAIC, 5W1H, Problem definition, Measles chart, Fishbone diagrams, Pareto charts, and 5WHY.

KEY CONCEPTS: Process steps, bottle neck elimination, flow optimisation, future state mapping.