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March 25, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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One week in Lock-Down at Productivity People

We have been in official lockdown for one week now and I have taken a few minutes to reflect on what has happened during this first week.

When the announcement came last Monday, we closed our office immediately. From this we quickly started working as a remote team.

During the first few days, we spent our time and energy in setting ourselves up for “working from home”. For some of us, this was as easy as taking an additional screen to their home office. But, one of us had to scramble to get flights right across NZ to get home and another had to accommodate eight overseas guests.

It did take time to get used to the new way of doing things but after a few days, we quickly fell into a pattern. We have regular contact with our existing clients and new businesses through our Free Remote Support Sessions.

So, what are some of the things we have found useful in working together remotely?

Like many others, we have found it useful to set routines. We have two routine daily team meetings. Firstly, a morning meeting to discuss task allocation and set up internal meetings. The second meeting is a reflection about how we experienced our day. This is not about the work completed, because that will be discussed the next morning, but about sharing the challenges of working from home and sharing personal plans for the rest of the day.  These plans could include, exercise, spending time with family, or shopping for your elderly neighbours. It is a time to reconnect as a team and sign off the working day.

The fact that this meeting finishes at 2PM recognises that there is a whole lot more to working from home than just having a laptop on your dining table. Most of us have kids at home that need our support and attention, some live with essential workers that need to be supported. More importantly, the actual reason that we are working from home is mind boggling and we all still need time to process that the world is changing rapidly. We don’t know in what way exactly and we don’t quite know how we come out of this, but this four-week lock down is a first step into the new future.

Anyone who has ever done lengths in the pool knows that with a target of 20 lanes, the first 5 are always the hardest and seem to take the longest to complete. If we can do one week, we can do 4.

Kia Kaha and Aroha Nui.