Productivity People transforms your organisation to improve your customer outcomes and business performance.

We have integrated internationally proven methodologies of Continuous Improvement, KaizenToyota Production System, and Lean into the New Zealand business landscape. Through these methodologies, we provide you with the tools to address a diverse range of operational challenges. We will help your company lift performance where it matters most: Process improvements, 5S workplace organisation, daily routines, or team dynamics.

What distinguishes Productivity People is our unique ability to engage with your team at all organizational levels. We coach and empower your team to drive these improvements.

Productivity Growth

Productivity Experts

Productivity People are experts in productivity improvement and will unlock untapped capacity resulting in significant performance improvements. Our involvement ranges from swiftly addressing immediate, easily attainable improvements to implementing profound, long-term cultural shifts for transformative business change

Proven Methodology

Proven Methodology

Productivity People follow internationally proven Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies to boost productivity, enhance quality, and reduce cost, resulting in better customer outcomes and business performance.

People at the Heart

People at the Heart

Productivity People is unique in our capability to engage effectively with your team across all organisational levels and develop a collaborative environment where improvement becomes an ingrained part of your organisational culture, so you continue to improve well beyond our engagement.

We believe New Zealand has to lift its performance.

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We help businesses think and act differently.

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We are productivity improvement experts.

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“Our Guarantee”

We believe in providing value in every interaction with our clients. If you think you did not receive value please let us know and we will waive our fees.