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Amanda Green

Amanda has 18 years of experience in improving business operations in the oil and gas and heavy industry in New Zealand. She has held diverse roles including process and systems improvement, data analysis, project management, and planning. Her experience helps her to quickly understand complex operational environments and identify opportunities for improvement.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) from Massey University and a Certificate in Quality Assurance from NZOQ. She is an experienced change management practitioner and supports companies to achieve operational excellence using the Lean methodology.

Amanda is a people person; she is friendly and approachable and cares about those she works with. She has the ability to say what needs to be said in a non-offensive way. On top of this, she is organised and energetic, which means she gets the right results quickly.

Amanda is passionate about Continuous Improvement, and she is excited about the opportunity to use Lean practices to improve business in her home region Taranaki.

You can read more about Amanda here.

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