Arron Stewart

South Island Ambassador

Phone: 021 402 096

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Arron Stewart

Born and raised in Invercargill, Arron has 20+ years of experience in the New Zealand Chemical industry. With roles ranging from product sourcing and importation to manufacturing and distribution in complex, large-scale, 24/7 operations.

Arron Stewart has spent a few years in the Hawkes Bay but lived most of his working life in and around Christchurch and is the first port of call for any South Island client.

Arron’s background as a Chemical & Process Engineer allows him to quickly understand highly complex operations. His experience enables him to promptly determine the critical pathway to pinpoint those areas with the highest improvement potential. He helps you identify the roadblocks and – more importantly- maps the actions and plans to seize the opportunities that will shift any business into the next gear!

Arron is a people person who relates well with everyone from the shop floor to the top floor. He connects with people by sparking and motivating them to extend themselves. He helps people understand how their day-to-day activities align with the overall company strategy and vision, thus empowering them and their teams to achieve sustained company success and Continuous Improvement.

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