Digital DMS - iObeya

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent enforced lockdown and remote working arrangements, it has become apparent that many of the ‘traditional’, low tech tools such as running a DMS (Daily Management Systems) meeting on a physical whiteboard faces significant constraints and/or limitations. This is problem is magnified in organisations that run multi-tiered meeting structures that extend over multiple locations.

In all work environments, DMS is a very effective way to engage the people of the enterprise to create stability and business performance. It is visual, transparent, drives action and accountability and therefore results in improved performance outcomes for all stakeholders of the organisation. The Covid-19 pandemic put that all on its head.

Businesses reached for a range of software tools: shared Excel sheets, Zoom or Teams, and other collaboration tools. However, all failed to replicate the powerful tactile experience of a work team standing in front of an interactive whiteboard: a display of teamwork at its best. There are currently very limited product options available in New Zealand in the Digital Whiteboard (DW) space.  With this in mind, Productivity People has partnered with internationally leading European company iObeya. Effectively used by numerous leading multinational clients, iObeya has become the solution of choice for Digital DMS world-wide. Together iObeya and Productivity People deliver to New Zealand organisations a Digital DMS solution of interconnecting boards, which are tailored for each tier and align with your company’s strategy.

Your digital DMS seamlessly combines performance tracking with resource planning and scheduling, standard work completion checks (e.g., 5S audits or inspections) and progress in one-off projects.

These interactive boards streamline your operations through data aggregation, issue escalation and task delegation. Teams across locations and tiers participate in optimised meetings using interactive touch-screen displays, resulting in waste elimination, quality and delivery performance improvement, and/or a reduction in cost, , all leading to improved performance. Options range from replicating your current DMS set-up in a digital format (to limit the change the work team experiences), to an upgraded DMS set-up using iObeya many templates and set-ups.

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