Partnering Model

Our partnering model is aimed at large organisations that are ready to embark on a journey of Continuous Improvement. It uses the same methodology as the Productivity Growth Programme, but has a more comprehensive business analysis, a more detailed implementation plan, as well as a higher level of support.

The in-depth business maturity analysis using our Productivity Growth Wheel, will be completed on site which provides the opportunity to benchmark across multiple departments within one organisation. The resulting business maturity appraisal will outline the natural maturity progression of each component your company.

A tailored implementation program will provide a clear line of sight from your company goals to employee activities and objectives. You will be supported by an interdisciplinary team of our consultants ensuring you have access to a wide range of skill sets. You will have 24/7 access through a combination of frequent calls, on-line coaching and site visits.

Productivity People’s How to Guides are used to direct the implementation of new practices and templates and other materials will be adapted and customised to align with your internal systems. We will build internal capability to ensure long term improvement traction, and over the duration of the programme we will reassess your position on the Productivity Growth Wheel.

This type of engagement is associated with a long term relationship, typically lasting several years and is invoiced as a charge up model or through a monthly subscription and companies that enroll in this program can typically expect a 30%-100% improvement in productivity and/or 3-10 times return on investment.