Productivity Kick Start

Productivity Kick Start is a one-off engagement model for a specific project or initiative. It is a relatively short arrangement (one to three months) with pre-determined deliverables.

This model works for project-based improvements or small organisations that need productivity improvement on a specific issue. If you are not sure where to start, a quick 10-step business analysis can be used to identify the improvement opportunity. Productivity People can either lead the work for you or partner with your business’ project managers to deliver the best outcomes possible.

Productivity People support can be face to face or fully remote, depending on the type of project and your business’ needs or location.

These types of engagements typically cost between$2,000 +GST and $5,000 +GST. Productivity Kickstart is registered with the Management Capability Fund. Find out more by visiting the Regional Busines Partner website.