PRODUCTIVITY PEOPLE has adapted Internationally proven Continuous Improvement/Lean methodology to the New Zealand business climate. Our programmes will help your company lift performance, increase quality, improve customer experience, and reduce operational cost. All of which will have a major impact on your bottom line.

Three Steps to Improve Your Productivity

Business Analysis


You decide you want to be an industry leader. Together we complete our Productivity Growth Business Analysis, to determine which improvements will give you maximum return in your current business maturity phase.

Implementation Plan


We develop a business improvement plan defining the approach, sequence, and milestones. Programmes range from addressing quick fix, low-hanging fruit improvements to business-transformational long-term culture change

Productivity Growth


Our How-To-Guides and templates will help you on your journey, but we will be right beside you, helping in a practical way when needed. We engage with your team to ensure your organisation owns the change and is able to continue to improve well beyond our engagement.

Productivity Growth Wheel: 24 practices across three maturity levels: Stabilise, Improve, Excel

Productivity Growth Wheel

How can we help you?

Productivity Growth Programme

Our Productivity Growth Program

Productivity Growth Program is business improvement program that analyses your current business performance and improvement opportunities and takes you on a company specific year-long business improvement journey that will ensure you focus on what is most crucial for your bottom line right now: productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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Partnering Model

Our Partnering Model

Our partnering model is aimed at large organisations that are ready to embark on a journey of Continuous Improvement. It uses the same methodology as the Productivity Growth Programme (link back to this?), but has a more comprehensive business analysis, a more detailed implementation plan, as well as a higher level of support.

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Productivity Kick Start

Productivity Kick Start

Productivity Kick Start is a one-off engagement model for a specific project or initiative. It is a relatively short arrangement (one to three months) with pre-determined deliverables.

This model works for project-based improvements or small organisations that need productivity improvement on a specific issue.

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Training Programmes

Our Training Programmes

Productivity People can offer a Level 4 and 5 Certificate or Diploma in Competitive systems and practices as well as Six Sigma Yellow or Green belt courses.

Training will take place using a combination of face to face and remotes sessions and all course material is included.

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Vertical start up

Our Vertical Start-up Programme

A classic commissioning involving a “clean” handover from the (contract) engineering team to the production team typically incurs a productivity loss worth 10-20% of the capital investment value as a result of operations ‘learning’ to run their plant. This period of adjustment is at least 18 months during which operators learn through trial and error, without any clear guidance. Can you afford that?

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