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Productivity Programme

Productivity People has customized globally recognised Lean methodologies such as Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence to suit New Zealand’s business environment. This is what we refer to as the Productivity Programme.

Our program starts with a baseline performance assessment across 24 practices at 4 levels to identify areas for improvement.  We then embark on a tailored business transformation journey that instills a culture of improvement, ensuring that your progress continues long after our engagement has ended.

The Productivity Programme will provide significant advantages for a company in today’s competitive business landscape as a result of its increased efficiency, enhanced quality, engaged employees, and faster adaptation to change.

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Process Mapping & Value Stream Mapping

Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping are powerful tools for identifying waste and opportunities for improvement in any process or system.

Our experienced consultants will help you create a map of your entire process, including its inputs, outputs, activities, decisions, and dependencies. The aim is to identify and eliminate activities that do not add value to the end product or service.

By visualizing the current and future states of the Value Stream or any other process, your organisation can implement changes to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and provide more value to your customers.

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Solution Specific Projects

We can assist your business with a range of operational performance issues. These include, but are not limited to:

Quality improvements

Lead time reduction

Asset Care / TPM

Operations Strategy Deployment

Structured Problem Solving

Load Leveling

Bottleneck Elimination

Set-Up-Time Reduction

Workforce engagement

Factory layout

Workplace organisation (5S)

Standard Work

Vertical Startup

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Workshops & Training

People are at the heart of any organisation and developing your people’s capability will strengthen your company and accelerate growth. Training is a vital strategic tool for employers in the retention of valuable staff, developing their competitive advantage, and long-term business sustainability.

Productivity People delivers hands-on practical learning opportunities in a fun and engaging learning environment. Participants leave with tangible ideas to start improving their own work environment.

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Productivity for SMEs

SMEs face unique challenges which are often faced by a small group of people who need to be able to perform in a number of roles and complete a wide range of tasks. Our Small business programme helps you as leaders of SMEs to improve your business Performance.

We help you define value and waste from a customer’s perspective, focus on the daily Performance and measurement and work planning approach, as well as the workplace organisations (5s). A current best practice assessment will define what areas to work on to improve your competitive advantage.

The benefits will translate directly to your bottom line and include an increased throughput and quality delivery, and a reduction in operational costs. A boost in workforce engagement is an important benefit of the programme.

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Vertical Startup

A classic commissioning involving a “clean” handover from the (contract) engineering team to the production team typically incurs a productivity loss worth 10-20% of the capital investment value as a result of operations ‘learning’ to run their plant. This adjustment period takes at least 18 months. Can you afford that?

Our knowledge management experts have developed operator capability programmes that remove this potential loss in productivity by delivering a vertical start-up where operations run that plant at nameplate from day one.

The programme prepares operators to work actively alongside commissioning engineers to ensure that assets are performing as per specifications.

We deliver a bespoke, sustainable solution to ensure your new build will be able to operate at full capacity from day one.

Productivity People team

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From left to right: Angela Spackman, Dave Fellowes, David Hall, Liddy Bakker, Nick Brownsword, Geerten Lengkeek, and Adrian Tighe. Absent: Arron Stewart