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Productivity People and Demarken Group establish partnership

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Keenan Jansen (left) from Demarken Group and Geerten Lengkeek from Productivity People celebrate the establishing of the partnership between the two firms.

What is a better guarantee for sustained success than having access to an experienced and knowledgeable professional services firm for organisations going through a lean transformation? For Geerten Lengkeek, managing director of Productivity People in New Zealand, the answer is simple: “Having access to two firms!”. Following years of successful collaboration on a number of clients, Keenan Jansen of Demarken Group in Australia and Productivity People have established a partnership between their firms to leverage capability, capacity and connections for lean transformations globally.

The new partnership offers clients across the Tasman and globally increased scale, better access to recent new thinking, materials, products and specialist expertise, and an ability to leverage the networks of clients of both firms to benchmark best practices. Says Keenan: “Productivity People and Demarken Group have aligned visions, purpose, methods and values and are joining forces in bringing our skills and knowledge together to drive business improvement for clients.”

Visit the respective websites for Productivity People in (www.productivitypeople.co.nz) and Demarken Group (www.demarken.com.au) to learn more about the benefits of the structured approach to business productivity improvements these firms offer.

More news on this new alliance will follow; please stay tuned in.