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September 30, 2019
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October 17, 2019
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Productivity People assist ReliefAid with their conflict zone Aid Delivery in Syria

Shocked by the recent developments in Syria, the directors of Productivity People, Geerten Lengkeek and Liddy Bakker, have decided that they once again want to reach out to civilians that are suffering as a result of the conflicts. Nearly three years ago, both Liddy and Geerten were part of a group of sponsored swimmers that completed a 9km Ocean swim to raise awareness for this cause. This initiative, called Whale Aid Aleppo, managed to raise $40,000 to provide aid to families in refugee camps. Now, nearly 3 years later these families are still sheltering in tents in refugee camps and more aid is desperately needed.

This time around, rather than swimming, Geerten and Liddy are digging into another passion, their love for single malt whiskies, which they combine with their passion for People and bring both together in a Single Malt Whisky Fundraising Dinner.

You are invited to come and join us in an exquisite 5 course degustation menu to match 5 very special single malt whiskies at Fisherman’s Wharf Café in Ohope on the Friday the 8th November.  Tickets are on sale now for $125 pp. Email Liddy at if you want to be part of this amazing event.