The Productivity Programme

The Productivity Programme has integrated internationally proven methodologies of Continuous Improvement, KaizenToyota Production System, and Lean into the New Zealand business environment. This programme will help your company lift performance, increase quality, and reduce operational costs. All of these improve customer experience and business performance.

Three Steps

Business Analysis


The Wheel Assessment

You decide you want to be an industry leader. Together we complete our trademarked Wheel © Assessment to determine the best improvement opportunities for your current business maturity phase.

Set - Implementation Plan


Commit to a 90-day Plan

A 90-day plan will help you and your team focus on the current priorities. This business improvement plan defines the approach, sequence, and milestones.

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Improve your Organisation

Our consultants will be right beside you on this improvement journey. Access to our online learning portal empowers you to grow your knowledge at your own preferred pace.

Business Analysis

Our Productivity Assessment

Our Productivity Assessment uses our Assessment Wheel© to analyse your current business performance across a maximum of 24 practices. A quick algorithm determines which practices are relevant to your organisation based on characteristics such as size and industry sector. This assessment ensures that you focus on what is most urgently important for your business right now. This could be teamwork, Workplace organisation, or Set-up-Time Reduction.

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Productivity Programme
Set - Implementation Plan

Our 90-Day Plan

Our 90-day plan ensures that everyone is focused on the same practices. This plan is formed, discussed, and communicated during our change management phase. Key players are identified and targets and milestones are defined, so that progress can be measured and communicated.

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Climate Action

Our Productivity Portal

Our Productivity Portal has flipped the classroom so that people can start working on the improvement journey in their own time at their own pace. The portal uses the proven methodology of the Plan-Do-Check-Act improvement cycle to guide the change process. The portal is a stimulating and engaging learning environment, which is jam-packed with industry-specific examples with links to videos and provides downloadable templates.

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Our Solutions

Aeroplane Game© Simulation Workshop

The Aeroplane game simulation Workshop is an interactive and fun way to experience the concepts and benefits of the Productivity Programme.  The simulation begins with a little bit of chaos, typical of many businesses. As the simulation progresses, the teams face various challenges which they overcome using Lean principles and techniques. The facilitator guides a team through the identification of issues and waste, then helps them to develop and implement improvement ideas. This workshop is very successful in creating awareness, understanding, and urgency of the Productivity Programme.

This workshop is often delivered in-house at the start of the Productivity Programme. Some one-off workshops are organised by regional business enablers. Click here for more information and dates.

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Service Training Programme
Partnering Model

Support of your Productivity Programme

The Productivity Programme is supported by one or more of our experienced consultants, who will interact with your people at all levels in the organisation. Based on the understanding that a culture change is better achieved by small and frequent interventions than by one big overhaul, our consultants are regularly available for support. A once-a-week contact is often a combination of remote sessions and site visits which is organised in an arrangement that best suits the client’s needs.

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Proven Methodology

Quality Review of the Productivity Programme

Productivity People strives to deliver exceptional customer value and understands that quality is defined by the customer. A six-monthly customer feedback process with the relevant stakeholders ensures that the program can be regularly updated and improved when needed. A re-assessment of the Productivity Wheel Assessment ensures that the Productivity Programme is also adjusted to build on the recent improvements within your organisation.

Our Productivity Programme has an NPS score of 8.7 in December 2023

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“Our Guarantee”

We believe in providing value in every interaction with our clients. If you think you did not receive value please let us know and we will waive our fees.