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December 17, 2019
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January 15, 2020
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Thank you from (and thank you to) Productivity People

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect and thank all our supporters in our first year of operation. We’ve seen great client successes and amazing engagement across our client organisations. We’ve seen our new team form, determined, resilient and aligned with a razor-sharp focus to make a lasting impact. We’ve also seen tragedy, right outside our new office in recent weeks, with the Whakaari eruption. And we’ve seen resilience in the face of tragedy both here at home and in the refugee camps in Syria, where Productivity People’s fundraising efforts helped deliver essential aid to over 360 families living in camps; today’s picture comes from the aid distribution we supported. Thank you for your contributions this year.

To our clients, who are providing our team of like-minded productivity people unlimited access to change the performance of their teams and their business: priceless;

To our partners and suppliers who made the impossible happen and had our systems, office, website, and IT infrastructure up in a manner of days: outstanding;

To our team of consultants, office support staff and advisors, unwavering in your support and making a dent in the universe: heart-warming.

To the entire Productivity People community: watch us in 2020, we’ve only just started!

We hope you all have a great summer break and feel refreshed in the new year to continue our relentless journey to excellence.

Merri Kirihimete from all of us at Productivity People