Vertical Start-up Programme

A classic commissioning involving a “clean” handover from the (contract) engineering team to the production team typically incurs a productivity loss worth 10-20% of the capital investment value as a result of operations ‘learning’ to run their plant. This period of adjustment is at least 18 months during which operators learn through trial and error, without any clear guidance. Can you afford that?

Modern manufacturing technology requires sensitive technical processes that are driven by highly automated production systems with electronic sensors and digital information outputs. Our knowledge management experts have been part of significant and successful programs in building and developing operator capability that have demonstrated to remove this potential loss in productivity by delivering a vertical start-up where operations run that plant at name plate from day one.

The programme prepares operators to work actively alongside commissioning engineers to ensure that assets are performing as per specifications. Our Vertical Start-up Programme focuses on building specific processes knowledge and develops operator ability to perform data driven problem solving. This is in stark contrast to the conventional view of operator capability, which is focused on a sequence of actions rather than on a sound understanding of the production process.

Every business is different, so we have a suite of methodologies and processes, which we utilise to deliver a bespoke, sustainable solution to ensure your new build will be able to operate at full capacity from day one.